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Patented Hydraulic Fracturing and Remediation Services

U.S. Patents 5570973, 5626437, 5773067

Why would I need Hydraulic Fracturing?

Are you having trouble reaching your clean-up levels? Are tight soils/bedrock causing poor air sparging (AS) or soil vapor extraction (SVE) results prohibiting closure? Is inadequate contact and retention time between remedial fluids and contaminant slowing the closure process at your Sites? Then hydraulic fracturing may be the technology for your Site.

Hydraulic fracturing is a proven and patented technology where a combination of slurried proppants, chemical treatments or bio-amended solutions are injected into tight soils and bedrock under high pressures for the purpose of creating anthropomorphic fractures. Creation of such fractures increases permeability, enhances the distribution and contact of remedial solutions and is used extensively for In-Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO), Chemical Reduction (ISCR), SVE and bio-remediation (ISBR) applications. Once created, the fractures are held open with a variety of proppants such as sand or a more porous synthetic material that also holds acts as a host for various bacteria.

Vista GeoScience staff was the first in the Rocky Mountain area to provide hydraulic fracturing services in the 1990s, and currently holds the only license to hydraulically emplace fractures for remediation. Vista has world-class expertise in emplacing fractures at Sites in Japan, Australia, and Across North America. Vista is experienced at injecting every type of product on the market including permanganates, chemical oxygen enhancers, lactates, peroxides, ZVI-slurries, EVO-emulsions, and bacteria suspensions, just to name a few, into these artificial fractures.

Customized Fracturing Equipment & Real-Time Monitoring Systems

Different geology, contaminants and treatment solutions require a wide variety of fracturing and proppant injection system design. Depending on these variables, Vista implements various fracture techniques and utilize various progressive cavity pumps, piston pumps, diaphragm pumps, and mixing systems.

Vista offers real-time monitoring during the creation of each fracture. The system allows the engineer the ability to map and control propagation of the fracture, and simultaneously plot, the fracture position with time. This is especially critical when fractures are emplaced underneath residential/commercial sites and where determination of effective ROIs is necessary for full-scale remedial designs and regulatory concurrence.